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We are very pleased to offer each of our patients a wide array of dental services. In addition to cosmetic and implant dentistry, we provide patients with preventative care, fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, dentures and much more. Please take a look at the list below to see the therapies we offer. Each treatment is offered with the caring attitude that our patients have come to love and appreciate. Please talk to us about your dental needs and concerns so we can help you keep your smile beautiful and healthy for your whole life. 
Prevention and Cleanings
Preventative care, dental exams and regular cleanings are a vital part of protecting the health of your teeth. During a cleaning, our hygienist will remove the accumulation of bacteria (called plaque) from your teeth, and shine them with special polishing compound. If it’s time for x-rays, this diagnostic tool enables us to detect small spots of decay or infections not visible to the eye. 

By visiting Dr. Rosado twice a year, you can prevent small problems from ever becoming big, painful ones. And you can keep your teeth shining and gums healthy. When looking for dental cleanings in Miami, Florida, visit Dr. Rosado for excellent care. 
Gum Disease Care
When gums are inflamed, bleed or are puffy and painful, gum disease exists. It can be so serious that pus comes out of the gums and teeth become loose. Gum disease can be prevented through normal maintenance including brushing teeth thoroughly twice a day, flossing daily and visiting our office regularly. This problem results when too much bacteria has been allowed to accumulate on teeth. When not cleaned away daily, it hardens into a substance called tartar that’s irritating to the gums and all the structures supporting teeth. 

To reverse gum disease, we offer deep-cleaning to clear away tartar and bacteria from under the gum line and smooth away any rough spots on the roots of the teeth that might attract bacterial growth. 
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Modern dental technology has developed the tooth-colored filling. Not only does this new filling material offer aesthetic improvements over dark fillings, but this composite material bonds firmly to your teeth. Metal fillings do not. Composite fillings mean that less tooth material must be drilled away for a filling to be securely placed. 
Dental Crowns & Bridges
A crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth as protection or repair. It is used for teeth that have had a very large filling, root canal therapy or fracture. A bridge is made from two crowns with a complete porcelain tooth in the middle that serves to fill the gap of a missing tooth. With the latest materials available for crowns and bridges, they are beautiful, natural-looking and very durable.
Root Canals
When decay or an infection has reached the inner, soft tissue of a tooth, root canal therapy can preserve your tooth. During root canal therapy, the soft inner core of a tooth must be cleaned out and replaced with sterile material. The opening in the tooth must then be sealed with a filling. It’s advisable to follow a root canal with a porcelain crown to strengthen and protect the tooth, helping it last many years more. 
Extractions and Wisdom Teeth
When a tooth can be removed in one piece without surgical intervention, it is referred to as a “simple” extraction. However, wisdom teeth are not simple extractions as the tooth may be pressing on the adjacent tooth or it could be positioned horizontally or stuck in the bone of the jaw. We help our patients with both types of extractions. 

In both cases, the first step is numbing the area of the tooth to be pulled. For a simple extraction, the tooth will be rocked slightly to loosen it so it can be removed. For a wisdom tooth or other complicated extraction, x-rays and a careful dental exam help Dr. Rosado plan the extraction. Some bone may need to be removed to free the wisdom tooth or a tooth may need to be cut into parts to remove it cleanly. If you are to receive an extraction, Dr. Rosado will explain this procedure ahead of time and keep you informed each step of the way. 
Dental Implants
Previously, the only choices to replace missing teeth were bridges or dentures. Now, dental implants offer permanent and fixed replacements. A slender titanium implant takes the place of the root of your natural tooth – titanium is used because it bonds well with human bone. When it heals and bonds, this implant provides a stable foundation for a natural-looking porcelain tooth to be anchored to it. Not only does a dental implant feel and function like it natural tooth, it also contributes to the health and stability of the bone in your jaw. 
Complete and Partial Dentures
Complete and partial dentures are replacements for missing teeth. A complete denture fits on the upper or lower jaw when all the teeth in that jaw are missing. Partial dentures fill in when some teeth remain. They consist of replacement teeth mounted on an acrylic resin base that’s colored to match your gums. A metal framework helps secure a partial denture to the remaining teeth. When a number of teeth in a row are missing, a partial denture is a more effective solution than a bridge.
Sedation Dentistry
Patients who are anxious or fearful about visiting the dentist deserve the same care as any other patient. If that fear makes a visit to the dentist traumatic, it can prevent someone from getting the dental treatment they need. One way to address this is with nitrous oxide, a fast-acting sedative inhaled during your procedure. The effects of nitrous oxide fade quickly as soon as administration is ended, allowing a person to get the treatment they need and then get back to life.
Sleep Apnea
When a person suffers from sleep apnea, he stops breathing for ten to twenty seconds (or even longer) many times each night. With a gasp or a snort, he starts breathing again. The oxygen deprivation during sleep apnea can contribute to problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure or neurological problems. A person with sleep apnea is likely to feel groggy and tired during the day and may wake up with a headache. We can help you with sleep apnea by fitting you with a breathing special device to help keep your breathing normal as you sleep. 
Dental Emergencies
When accidents damage teeth or when fillings or crowns are lost, there is no time to lose. With rapid treatment, pain can be minimized and teeth may be able to be saved, even teeth that have been knocked out completely. Call us immediately to schedule care and for advice on how to care for your teeth until you arrive. 
To schedule an appointment for any of these therapies or for our cosmetic & implant dentistry services, please call us at (305) 563-5190 today. 

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